What is Zandora Legends?

In 1990 I sat down for my first session of Dungeons and Dragons where I played ninja using the 1st edition rules. My DM created a beautiful world known to us as Utrus, a name that would be remembered for many years. For years my knowledge and love of the game excelled into 2nd edition where the mighty Zang, a human fighter defeated the Warsong chieftain claiming his rite to rule over his orcs. With this new found power Zangs ambitions grew leading the Warsong tribe to the city of Zarozan. I must say the orcs were greatly outmatched by the Zarozan guards, for my DM didn't really want me to own his beloved city. Thus Zang and his orcs were forced to flee with Zarozan cavalry hot on our trail. What happen next my poor DM could have never predicted, I called a friend who was also playing in the same world who happen to be a wizard with a dragon ally. Oh yeah, so with his aid we conquered the city where Zang self proclaimed himself King. I continued to play and later GM this world till the launch of 3rd Edition.

In 2000 I felt it was time for a change in the my campaign world. So when I sat down with my group of 11 players it gave birth to a new unknown world of Kwondora where the Zandora Legends Campaign setting started taking shape. My love for old characters was strong, so I brought them to this new world yet at the time I had no idea how to explain it. For the next 8 years I continued to refine my new found world, yet there were still many gaps in the story. In 2008 the 4th Edition rules were launched and my players were eager to learn them. During this time my players rise to D&D fame led them into a cataclysmic event called the Rise of the Elementals. It was during this event my players asked me why I didn't publish my stories and share them with the world. To be honest I had never thought about it before and so the work began. With the announcement of 5th Edition in 2012, I jumped on the playtest material and polished my world. In April, 2016 the Zandora Legends Campaign settings was brought to the world for the first time.

In short Zandora Legends is a collection of stories that my gaming groups have played through for over 20 years using the Dungeons and Dragons rules. Today, this campaign settings is brought to you using the 5th Edition rules. Don't have the rules yet, grab a copy of the System Reference Document (SRD) for free or purchase the Player's Handbook for advance selections.

Richard J. Kauhl
Author "Zandora Legends"