Doracian Alliance

"The best protection one can have is courage."


Faction Overview

The Doracian Alliance is a coalition of human kingdoms and city states that were once part of the Empire of Dorack. After the fall of the empire, smaller kingdoms sprung up across the land fighting amongst their selves over petty squabbles. During the Rise of the Elementals many of the smaller kingdoms knew they had to work together if their way of life was to go on. Most of the kingdoms of northern and central Doracia are united under this banner. The faction leaders meet yearly in Zandora which can be found in the region of Thalaria.


  • If civilization is to survive, all must unite against the elemental forces that threaten existence.
  • Glory comes from protecting ones homeland and honoring its leaders.
  • The best defense is a strong offence.


To protect humanity from the elemental forces who seek to destroy the prime, to be ready for war when it comes Factions and Renown by practicing our skills in the Equestrian Games of War, and to prevent the Eastorian Empire from ruling the world.