Brothers of the Forge

"War without profit and honor is a lost cause."


Faction Overview

The dwarves tend to keep to themselves except for when money is involved. Dwarven kingdoms of Kwondora recognize each other as their kin and will stand by one another when the need arises. The Brothers of the Forge are dwarven merchants, artisans and mercenaries who sell their services for coin.

Its members often include barbarians, fighters, paladins and clerics of Solderon, Belmatia or Anthark, along with many wizards or rogues who often don’t fit well in dwarven society. Such members usually serve as spies and gathers of information pertaining to wealth prospects.


  • The affairs and wars of the surface dwellers are not our concern, but we will assist if our own lands are threatened or for the right price
  • To die in battle is the greatest honor, especially when that death is from defending the clan.
  • Remember our alliances and live up to our word


To gather resources and forge them into works of art, to trade exotic wares with the surfaces races and to restore the glory of the old Dwarven Kingdoms.