Children of the Wood

"Live free and true."


Faction Overview

The Children of the Wood consists of many elves, druids, rangers and bards and adventurers that respect the natural order of the world seeking to learn its secrets. The Children of the Wood is the oldest faction on Kwondora stemming back to the Elven Epoch when a handful of elves refused to let their lands falls to the horde. In time the organization grew to include humans, gnomes, halflings and any other that shared similar beliefs. Members often hold high positions acting as advisors to kings, as the guardian of woodland areas and sometimes as vigilantes when the local law will not abide by their code. They see themselves as a part of nature and as its protectors and take extreme measures to stomp out threats to their goals or beliefs.


  • The natural order of the world must be respected and preserved
  • Forces that seek to destroy the natural order must be destroyed
  • The woodlands are our sacred lands and we are its rightful protectors


Protect the natural order of the world and learn its many secrets. Explore the world and stomp out the threat of infernals, elementals or any who would seek to upset the balance.