Knight of Crom

"There is no peace in war, nor fear in knowledge. Serenity is my strength and harmony my war dance."


Faction Overview

A monastic tradition dedicated to the teachings of Crom that has grown to include paladins and clerics of Achren, Anthark, Crom, Manu, Morda, Oghma, Rhosion, and Trianas.

The group considers themselves the protectors of peace, justice and all that is good. The Knights of Crom can be found in any temple dedicated to non-evil deities or in secret enclaves in predominatly evil realms. They serve as diplomats, bodyguards, or investigators. During the Rise of the Elemtentals they served as crusaders and fought on the front lines beside the god Crom.


  • We are the keepers of peace and justice throughout the world.
  • The gods are more vulnerable then they appear and it us that protect their interests.
  • Peace exists in the clarity of the mind and strength in your resolve.


Protect the sacred temples and its people from those that would defile or destroy them.