The Tandaren

"Gold in your coffers is more powerful than standing armies as it can buy loyalty or the death of an enemy."


Faction Overview

The Tandarian is a large shadow network that was once called the Kwondora Trades Society.

The public sees the organization as a powerful merchant guild and public banking system that has access to just about anything offering goods at cheap prices and loans to those in need.

Its true nature lies in its black market. The organization uses blackmail and fear to stomp out the competition and to expand its power into every major city across Kwondora including the horde realms. Its members include rogues, fighters, wizards, cleric worshipping gods of greed or wealth, or any other class or race with the ambition to power through greed. Such members are usually of the neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil or chaotic evil alignments.


  • Kings rule countries and fight over land, but banks and powerful merchants are the true rulers.
  • The world is open for the taking; you just need ambition to take it.
  • A man’s wealth is measured by his coin on hand along with debts owed.


To expand our control of monetary wealth into every corner of the world, as money changers, lenders and merchants. Provide services and goods that are considered illegal or immoral in most societies.