The dwarven kingdoms of Kwondora have risen and fallen since the start of time. Most noteworthy are the mountain dwarfs who struggle to find a homeland of their own. Most dwarven kingdoms are small, dug deep into the stony mountains and scattered across Kwondora. Despite this, two great dwarven kingdoms have survived the course of time.

Dun Khâzlodan is the great dwarven kingdom of the hill dwarves founded by Clan Redbeard. The second being Krakus founded and ruled by Clan Battlesworn the kingdom of the drugon. Dwarves dislike boats or flying, preferring to keep their feet on solid ground. The Drugon are an exception to this rule with their training of griffin mounts. They dislike arcane magic and those that use it are looked upon with suspicion. Few are dwarven wizards, but the Rune Mage tradition exists to enhance society.

The chief unit of dwarven society is the clan followed by the family name. Dwarves value their clan affiliation and honor the clan no matter where are. The clan name stems from the founders’ family name, though sometimes only the legacy remains.


The dwarves usually honor their gods, yet end up more attached to a specific deity that fits their personality. No matter which god or goddess they are most attached to, a dwarf’s upmost ambition is to stand in the halls of Mahlheim, the great kingdom of the gods. Here they seek acceptance by the gods for a lifelong dedication.

Dwarven Pantheon

Home Plane: Mahlhaim
Elder Deities: Thoraddin and Sallona
Religion Type: Tight Pantheon
Pantheon Goal: God before clan, clan before family, family before glory shall mark the path to the halls of Mahlhaim.
The deities;


  • Anthark, god of war and death
  • Egraine, goddess of love and hunting
  • Belmaetia, goddess of wealth and trickery
  • Rhosion, god of the fire and strength
  • Sallona, goddess of life and fertility
  • Solderon, god of the forge
  • Thagnar, god of storms
  • Thoraddin, god of law, civilization and engineering



Hill, deep, mountain, and Duergar are subraces of the dwarf race and each have different traits. Zandora Legends introduces the drugon, commonly called Fire Dwarves in part of their reddish skin and their natural ability to with stand heat and fire. Each of these subraces are described in the campaign guides, your rule system or the SRD. Only the drugon subrace is described here and fleshed out in our players guides.

Drugon Dwarf

Drugon dwarves have a light red skin and orange, red, black or blonde hair. Their eyes can either be red, black, yellow or brown with grey being rare. They are commonly referred to as fire dwarves due to their natural ability to resist fire. Drugon are attracted to dormant volcanoes where they build their homes, such as the great city Khâzmazim. This city is well known for the Great Forge powered by a lava flow. It’s said the smiths are able to manipulate the lava flow keeping the volcano dormant indefinitely.

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