The elves have lived upon Kwondora since the beginning of recorded time. Their civilization peaked during the Elven Epoch with their empire spanning the known world. They built the ancient portals connecting their realms, which now lay as forgotten memories. At the end of the Elven Epoch, war with the orc and goblin alliance brought their empire to the brink of destruction.

Of the once expansive empire of the elves, only four dominions remain. Erghdrassil, also known as The World Tree is home to the lunar elves. Llossmorain, is mighty kingdom of the wood elves while the high elves call Rhocarian home. Eldaria, also known as the Islands of Genesis is home to the river elves, a young warlike sub-race. Galdraestia, is the forgotten kingdom that once stood as the center of the elven empire and the seat of the empress.

Elves are among the longest living races on Kwondora. They form monarchies that existed since the Elven Epoch, with their kings passing power to next of kin. Kings of Erghdrassil, Llossmorain and Rhocarian recognize the immortal Lady Celebrian Telrúnya of Galdraestia as their empress and leader of the elven people.


Each of the elven deities play a specific role in the daily lives of their subjects. Their pantheon is split in two, with surface elves worshiping seperate gods then their drow cousins. River elves revere Deidra LeSiay as she was their creator while the drow revere Raea as their creator. The rest of the elves see Caerandis Elensar as the chief of the pantheon with his consort Sylvana.

Elven Pantheon

Home Plane: Sylandor
Elder Deities: Caerandis Elensar and Sylvana
Religion Type: Loose Pantheon
Pantheon Goal: Protectors of the feywild and prime material plane forests and fey sites. Destroy any who dare desecrate these sacred sites.
The deities;
  • Achren, goddess of the earth and animals
  • Caerandis Elensar, god of magic and protection
  • Deidra LeSiay, goddess of water and the moon
  • Jarniesa, goddess of love and beauty
  • Kerne, god of the forest
  • Sylvana, goddess of music and archery
  • Talendris Redwood, god of hunting and feasting
Drow sub-pantheon
  • Khalyn Mizroven, goddess of assassins
  • Narlinn, god of thievery
  • Raea, goddess of death and darkness
  • Vierna Delindrian, goddess of war and vengeance


Drow, high, lunar, river and wood elves are subraces of the elf race and each have different traits. Zandora Legends introduces the lunar and river elves with their unique cultures and special traits. Each of these subraces are described in the campaign guides, your rule system or the SRD. Only the lunar and river elf subrace is described here and fleshed out in our players guides.

Lunar Elf

Lunar elves skin is light violet to purple. Their hair color can be blue, white, violet or green and unlike other elves the men grow facial hair as they get older. Eye color can be yellow, purple, blue or white. They have an aptitude with magic, but unlike the high elves it’s deeply rooted in nature. The night elves were once High Elves, but living in the shadows of the World Tree for thousands of years changed them to what they are now.

River Elf

Unlike their other elven brethren, river elves tend to live upon secluded bodies of water. Here they build their cities above and below the water surface. They are the youngest elven race in existence created at the time of humans. Their skin color is a light to dark blue with majority having blonde hair with red heads being uncommon. Most born with red eyes yet occasional violet or green eyes. River elves have been in a civil war for centuries that only recently ended leaving their great empire in ruins and more than half slain. After thousands of years of seclusion they recently tried to open relations with the rest of the proud people and their Elvin kin.

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