Their first appearance in history dates back to the Elven Epoch where they survived by hiding in small, dark spaces. When the orcs arrived they became natural allies forming the first horde conquering Elven lands. With the fall of the Elven Empire came the goblin expansion to every corner of Kwondora. During the Age of Unification goblins armies attacked the Isle of Genesis suffering a massive defeat with many falling into slavery to underdark races.

Goblins are tribal by nature and lack organization to sustain lasting cultures. Teklemesh is an exception of to the rule who can trace their origins to the Elven Epoch. The most advanced goblin socities are those within Teklemesh and Vangkrillon. Vangkrillon is well known for Their advancements in technology.

Most tribes lack political institutions with their leaders acquiring power through ruthless means and ruling in tyranny. Teklemesh has an advanced tribal system boarding on a democracy with an emphasis on brutality to opposition. Vangkrillon are governed by an assassin guild who ussurped power a hundred of years ago.


The goblins first came to be by the graces of their creator Bane, the dark lady. They believe that Bane created them from the deep rocks and mud of Kwondora forming the underdark. The dark lady rewards those of valliant service to her will as is seen divine spark granted to Baenxink, Magkolex and Grexnaeka.

Goblin Pantheon

Home Plane: Hyperion
Elder Deities: Bane
Religion Type: Tight Pantheon
Pantheon Goal: To conquer the world through fear and oppression while enslaving the weak.
The deities;
  • Baenxink, god of Slavery and Vengeance
  • Bane, goddess of Darkness, War and Tyranny
  • Magkolex, god of Justice and Law
  • Grexnaeka, god of Fear and Trickery


Goblin, hobgoblin and bugbear are subraces of the goblinoid race and each have different traits. Zandora Legends introduces them here as playable races, built with a rich history, lore and fleshed out cultures. Each of these subraces are described in the campaign guides, your rule system or the SRD.

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