Since the dawn of time halflings have lived within realms of other races. They tend to keep to themselves preferring a simple life of good food and friends to one of and adventurer. Few halflings live as nomads traveling the deserts, but most build their homes beneath grassy mounds.

They have no kingdoms of their own, nor does history record them ever. The highest concentration of their race is the city of Grondel in the kingdom of Dorack. They tend to have little to no political structure with settlements being run by a town elder and a natural respect for one another.


Halflings live by the goals of their pantheon and it reflects in their daily lives. Shanderra is the creator of their race and seen by her subjects as the purest of the gods. Halflings tend to pray her day and night for the protection of their families, homes, and communities. The rest of the pantheon is important as well, with Finagen brings luck and Brigrahna a good harvest. They pay tribute to Carmeleine upon the death of loved ones and rally strength from Berghanwin when war is unavoidable.

Halfling Pantheon

Home Plane: Shire Meadows
Elder Deities: Shanderra
Religion Type: Tight Pantheon
Pantheon Goal: Live upon the land in harmony in happiness filled with good friends, good food and good fun.
The deities;
  • Berghanwin, god of war
  • Brigrahna, goddess of love and agriculture
  • Carmeleine, god of death and moon
  • Finagen, god of luck and trickery
  • Shanderra, goddess of Protection and family


Lightfoot and desert walkers are the most common subraces of the halfling race and each have different traits. Zandora Legends introduces the desert walker with their unique culture in the Sovanian derest. Each of these subraces are described in the campaign guides, your rule system or the SRD. Only the lunar and river elf subrace is described here and fleshed out in our players guides.

Desert Walker

The Desert Walker Halfling is the native race to the Great White Sands. They existed here before the lush forest transformed into an endless desert. Here in the desert for many years separated them from the rest of their kin. The desert walkers were the first to learn how to survive in the harsh climate. According to history they taught the humans, dragonborn and later the orcs its secrets.

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