Human crave power, status and wealth which leads them to war. During the Dominion Wars humans fought for the right to survive, which turned into a fight for power twisting them to a dark path. Their kingdoms became an Empire which spanned the known world annihilating those who stood in their way. With the Rise of the Elementals came the destruction of the Doracian Empire and birth to the Eastorian Empire.

Within the region of Thalaria stands the mystical city of Zandora who governs their realm as a magocracy. Zandora is known for its vast library within the towers of magic which hold ancient secrets and the seat of the most advanced magocracy in the world. Nearly three-hundred miles southeast is the city of Eastora, the heart of the Eastorian Empire and wicked, immortal Empress Nadia. The third most prominent city is that of Magos in the Sovanian desert whose kingdom sits on a wealth of gold and the center of world trade.

Unlike other races on Kwondora, humans have a no standard political system. Their short lives leads them to near sighted views, repeated changes in government and hostile takeovers. Most commonly humans form monarchies to rule a region, but many local governments may rise within. Regional religions form Theocracies serving as political advisers to the monarch or its actual rulers.


The way humans worship their gods differ by each culture. The Artonians of Grenwhich are fantatics of war, thus the war gods Crom, Marduk and Romlia. Bedwa barbarians don't build temples to their gods as they are animalistic, associating animals with their gods holding great festivals in their name. Doracians build grand temples and suffisticated religous structures worshiping deities that suite their needs and desires.

Lorian Pantheon

Home Plane: Lorian
Elder Deities: Morda
Religion Type: Loose Pantheon
Pantheon Goal: Architects of the Cosmos.
The deities;
  • Manu, god of the Sun
  • Achren, goddess of the earth and animals
  • Arawn, god of the underworld
  • Crom, god of protection and metal with emphasis on war
  • Cuchulain, god weapon mastery
  • Laesen, goddess of storms and the sky
  • Manawyddan, god of the sea
  • Marduk, god of war
  • Modrana, goddess of the harvest
  • Morda, god of magic and healing
  • Oghma, god of knowledge and secrets
  • Romlia, goddess of war and trickery
  • Solderon, god of the forge
  • Terra, goddess of life and serenity
  • Thasalina, goddess of beauty and pleasure with an emphasis on lust
  • Trianas, goddess of travel and music with an emphasis on the moon


There are seven distinct ethnicities on Kwondora each with a different appearance and names. The following list includes these ethnicities with a one sentence summary of their culture. Detailed information for each ethnicity is provided in the Zandora Legends Players Guide.

  • Artonian: Island dwellers and war like commonly seen as pirates.
  • Bedwa: Barbarians living in tribal communities scattered over Doracia.
  • Doracian: The most common and highly advanced humans.
  • Duronese: Temperate desert dwellers of Durland, with a hatred for outsiders.
  • Muhlaren: Dark skinned barbarians found on all corners of the world.
  • Sovanian: Warm desert folk with a rich culture.
  • Teradyte: Shamanistic people who form tribal communities under doracian societies.

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