The orcs trace their lineage to the beginning of time as natives to the Killing Fields. During the Elven Epoch they followed Ba'Glum through black portal to the material plane to conquer the elves. One by one the Elven kingdoms fell to ruin as orc armies ran rampant throughout the land. They formed a powerful horde of orc, goblin and ogres bring war by ship to South Doracia during the Age of Man. The Rise of the Elementals was a turning point forcing their culture to be self sufficient creating an advanced orc society.

Orc territories vary from tribe to tribe. Unorganized tribes are the most common and spread throughout Kwondora. These tribes have constant change in leadership due to constant violence with each other for control of the tribe or death from war with other tribes or races. These tribes are ruled by the strongest of the tribe and are called chieftains. They don’t build cities or align with other races and usually live as nomads or in the ruins of an ancient civilization. These tribes are found throughout civilized lands and hold no allegiances to organized orc tribes.

Organized tribes form chiefdoms from multiple tribes or families, build large cities and fortifications and align themselves with other races forming hordes. These chiefdoms are ruled by a king and/or a council of chieftains selected from their peers based on their honor. They form alliances with other races, forming hordes and wage war on a grand scale against human kingdoms or other orc hordes.


Orcs have their own pantheon of deities with Gorosh as the head of it. The orc gods form a tight pantheon with its primary focus on the warrior caste and their strength in arms. Orcs are fearful of their gods in turn devote much of what they do to them. For instance an orc may devote a war cry to the gods of war before engaging in battle, or recite a phrase before a significant event. The orcs are very superstitious race both respecting and fearing their gods.

Orc Pantheon

Home Plane: The Killing Fields
Elder Deities: Gorosh and Sharn
Religion Type: Tight Pantheon
Pantheon Goal: To conquer the world through honorable combat and cause fear in the hearts of thy enemy.
The deities;

  • Chilltouch, god of Storms and Water
  • Gorosh, god of War and Strength
  • Ogharod, god of Smiths and Protection
  • Magdul, god of War and Courage
  • Mazaga, goddess of Strength and Family
  • Sharn, goddess of Life and Slavery
  • Spiritfire, goddess of Sun and Fire
  • Urzog, god of the underworld


Gathro'Ti, mountain and sovanian orcs are subraces of the orc race and each have different traits. Zandora Legends introduces them here as playable races, built with a rich history, lore and fleshed out cultures. Each of these subraces are described in the campaign guides with, your rule system or the SRD.


The gathro’ti live amongst the orc tribes, sometimes forming tribes and kingdoms of their own. Tribes that have gathro’ti at the heart of leadership tend to value tradition, family and are more receptive to the orc goddesses. The gathro’ti are the result of the orc Ba’Glum and the high elf sorceress Tári Feladrian making them natural mages.

Mountain Orc

The mountain orc is the most common orc and were the first in existence. Where they lack in intelligence, they make up for it with strength and sheer numbers. Their mindsets formed the basis of orc culture and are the only orcs that still control unorganized tribes.

Sovanian Orc

The Sovianian orcs are one of the orc tribes to wander into the Great White Desert and ended up lost in its vastness. In time they found a civilization of humans, dragonborn and Halflings. Lost, hungry and thirsty they tried to capture the settlement multiple times each ending in failure. The orcs were eventually adopted into their culture cross breading with its inhabitants. Sovanian Orcs are recognizable by their tanned flesh, smaller lower incisors, with hair and eye colors found in humans. Their exposure to the climate and the mixed culture has given them a level of sophistication unknown to the horde races.

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