In the approach of the Elven Epoch a group of elves felt abandoned by their gods as their world split in two. A group of elves manipulated and seduced by infernals who came to their aid in the guise of gods. They formed cults in their name and created vile rituals that defaced the natural world and encouraged cannibalism. Caerandis Elensar angered by these barbaric actions cursed them. His curse disfigured their forms into the Minotaur, giving them an eternal hunger for humanoid flesh, long lifespans and horrific nightmares tormenting their dreams. Ashamed by their new form the minotaurs moved into the underground fighting with their bestial tendencies. They found the labyrinth as a psychological and spiritual journey to make peace with their conflicting nature.

For thousands of years they lived this way until the middle of the Age of Gods when the Goddess Achren took pity upon them. Seeking to liberate them from their penance, she impregnated the female Seestra with an immaculate conception. The child named Kerne became the first of the Tauree. Unlike other minotaurs, Kerne didn’t have the bestial desires, hate or confusion that those around him. With this clarity he visualized a world filled with opportunity and acquired an affinity for the forest and natural world. In time he grew close to the nature spirits, became a great hunter and learned the ways of the shaman. Soon others saw his peace and attunement with nature then sought his teachings. The devil gods of the minotaurs jealously protected their cults and ordered the death of Kerne and all who followed. Most died in the conflict, but a handful escaped to the surface. In time the two cultures drifted so far apart giving birth to the tauree society of today.

Tauree tribes are spread throughout their ancestral and orc lands as well. Their tribes have a spiritual hierarchy with the High Chieftain being the head of the tauree people. Following the High Chief is the Crone, an aged woman gifted by the earth mother then her students known as oracles. Only 2 oracles are in power at a time and are chosen from the greatest of seers. Each lesser tribe has a Chief who makes his decisions in council with his Seer and his soothsayer apprentices.


Tauree honor the goddess Achren and follow in the footsteps of her son Kerne. Their religion is nature based believing in ancient spirits of earth, air, fire and water.

Tauree Gods

The deities;

  • Achren, goddess of the earth and animals
  • Kerne, god of the forest


Zandora Legends introduces the tauree as playable race, built with a rich history, lore and fleshed out culture. This subrace of minotaur is described in the campaign guide with, with the minotaur in your rule system or the SRD.

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