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Published June 28, 2015

You may ask yourself, what is Zandora Legends and what do we mean by a System-less World. This is a two part question which I will try to answer the best way I can.

What is Zandora Legends Legends?

Zandora Legends is a campaign setting released under the Open Game License (OGL) designed by Wizards of the Coast, LLC. It started with a small fortress named Castle Dorack over 15 years ago where a group of adventurers headed out for the majestic city of Zandora. I didn't realize at first but Zandora would become an iconic city for these young adventurers. Their demand for information gave birth to the new gods, thieves guilds and major wold factions. This set me on the ground running with a unique designed for D&D version 3.0. In the coming years Wizards of the Coast launched many version of the game forcing me to reformat my content. With the release of 5th edition, I decided to rewrite the source books to not need rules

What does System-Less World mean?

No rules, how does that work? Not hard, the campaign guides, adventures and stories all take place within the world of Kwondora focusing on story alone. The focus on story and not rules allows the Zandora Legends campaign setting to be used in any version of D&D, pathfinder or other rule systems based off the OGL. With that said System-less World means that we will leave the rules out of our content providing only the story for our source books and adventures. We may reference names of creatures or other content from the System Reference Document (SRD), but will not include statistics. Information unique to Zandora Legends will be included in broad context with detailed information being in the downloadable Player Guides for each rule system at no cost. To start, all the materials will be released as digital downloads only.

Wait, digital downloads, so there's no books?

The simple answer is no! For the initial release of the campaign setting we will only be offering digital downloads for a remarkable value. Digital downloads gives us much more flexibility allowing us to fix typo's, clarifications and even add more content without releasing a new book or errata. Newer versions of source books will always be available to customers that have purchased them in the past and accessible in their store account. This is all the information I can give for now, but in the coming weeks more will be released.


Orcs of Helegrod

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