Align yourself with one of the six powerful and influential factions of Kwondora following your path to greatness.


Brothers of the Forge

This dwarf only faction has its ranks filled with master craftsman, merchants and mercenaries. Together they represent the dwarven people and seek to regain the former glory of the dwarves.

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Children of the Wood

These nature loving folks consist of many elves, bards, rangers and druids alike. They wage a secret war against demons, devils and elementals that seek to upset the natural balance of the world

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Doracian Alliance

A coalition of Kings, knights, nobles and great adventurers form its ranks. These men of granted privilege stand united against evil forces seeking world destruction.

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Knights of Crom

The religious order dedicated to the teachings of Crom is filled with monks, paladins and faithful priests. They serve as protectors of the faith, crusaders of light and uphold peace and justice.

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The Ruby Sanctum

Providers of information and secrets rally women priests and male warlords under its banner. Their mindset is on expanding influence to every dominion by sowing rumors and infiltrating spies.

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The Tandaren

These corrupt bankers and powerful merchants attract shady characters from all walks of life. Merchant guilds and The Tandaren Bank is their public face while they control the black market.

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