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Release Schedule

Staged Release with benefits - 02/16/2016

Campaign setting release this Friday including a starter adventure, 58 deities with detailed description of the core 20, new magic items and artifacts and 41 cultures in a staged rollout.

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World Developing

Central Doracia Review - 02/01/2016

Check out the preview of Central Doracia and how 12 years of game play shaped a region into a place history, lore and warfare.

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First Look

Campaign Setting First Look - 01/15/2016

First look at the Zandora Legends Campaign Setting, featuring realistic mapping, release of the Player's Guide, the announcenment of our first adventure and the unveiling of the World Map.

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River Elves

River ElF in Zandora Legends - 07/12/2015

Preview of the River Elf flavor text and traits. See the conversion guide information for 3rd, 4th and 5th Edition.

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System-less World

Your game rules, our digital world - 06/28/2015

Zandora Legends is a campaign setting released under the Open Game License (OGL), yet can be played under rule system. The world focues on story while we leave the rules to others.

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