Be a champion of good as The Proud People or join The Horde and expand your dominions.

The Horde

In Zandora Legends the Horde is a term used as a war agreement between the goblinoid races, orcs, tauren, ogres and sometimes trolls. There are three major hordes known to kwondora. The most powerful of these is Horde Zahsok located to the lands south of the Dragonspine Mountains. Second largest is the Iron Horde located in Durtara which brings goblins, orcs and ogres under its banner. Third is the Fell Horde located in The Badlands and recruits trolls and goblinoids from Marshlin. The hordes form factions unto themselves, but are prone to internal wars. The hordes war agreement prevents each other from taking sides during internal conflicts and stopping such conflicts when the need arises to war against the proud people.

Free People

A group of races which don’t take sides or stay out of conflicts. The dragonborn, gnomes, half-orc and tieflings fall into this category. Dragonborn cities are known to accept adventurers of both horde and proud people with no tolerance policy of fighting. Gnomes tend to keep to themselves not taking sides, but have relations only with selective members of the proud people. Half-orcs being both orc and human can go either way and sometimes form cities such as Mograth in The Badlands that serve as a neutral zone between factions. Tieflings are free spirits with no kingdoms or cities of their own. They are distrusted by both horde and proud peoples while accepted into both factions’ cities.