First Look

Published January 15, 2016

In the coming weeks the finishing touches near completion for our scheduled February release of the Zandora Legends Campaign Setting. The book is written, images drawn and in the hands of the editors. Let’s take our first look at the campaign setting by downloading the Player’s Guide in our online shop.

In the coming weeks I will focus on a single element of the book to get the readers up to speed. This week I will cover our mapping technique. To give you the full view we have removed the fog of war so you can see our beautiful earth-like maps with built in measuring tool. The online mapping tool is powered by leaflet giving the developers the power to add unique features to our maps that has never been seen in the table top industry.

The side image is of the magocracy territory of Legionairus within the region of Thalaria. This is just one map you will find in the Campaign Setting book as we jump start your campaign with a custom 20 page adventure entitled Trouble in Tillian. This adventure will immerse the players and GM into the world of Kwondora introducing them to key elements of the story.

Without revealing any spoilers the Trouble in Tillian adventure will take the players village of Tillian. There they can meet members of the six major factions of the world, uncover vile plots of deception gaining allies in places they least expect it. The adventure encompasses all aspects of play allowing each character class or race to shine in their own way.

I can’t wait to unveil more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for future updates.

Richard J. Kauhl


Orcs of Helegrod

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