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Published February 16, 2016

We are only a few days away from the release of the Zandora Legends Campaign Setting. The book will be released in three stages to get the content out there and jump-start your campaign. There are 41 different cultures broken up into six major geographical regions. Since the setting is new to most of you we will release two major geographical regions every couple of weeks.

Friday, February 19th, 2016

This Friday will be the release of the campaign setting. At this point the book consists of over 100 pages of content. Listed below is what you should expect to see this Friday.

  • Trouble in Tillian Adventure introducing you to the world and its cosmology
  • Brief History of the world and its social structures including detailed breakdown of the magocracy of Zandora
  • Magic Items and Artifacts
  • The World Tree cosmology with a breakdown of our 19 planes of existence
  • Detailed descriptions of the the Core Pantheon consisting of 20 deities
  • Regions of Central Doracia and West Doracia including lore, key inhabitants, city and terrain descriptions, GM map, plots and adventure sites

In the coming weeks we will launch the remaining regions starting with South Doracia and The Iron Hills comprising of 13 cultures. The third installment will include the Ssaroshan Tropics and Forgotten Kingdoms comprising of 13 more cultures.

It should be noted that the above listed content will be included with your purchase and will be available for download the moment it's available. In addition, any future updates to the book you buy, including artwork, additions and edits will be available at no extra cost to you. To kick start the book launch I will be offering a sweet deal to Facebook, so like our page to get your discount code this Friday.

Richard J. Kauhl


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