World Development

Published February 01, 2016

The Zandora Legends Campaign Setting is broken up into 6 Geographical Regions each with their own unique campaign style. This week we are going to talk about the development of Central Doracia, the foundation of the entire world of Kwondora. Here is a list of the geographical regions.

  • Central Doracia
  • South Doracia
  • West Doracia
  • The Iron Hills
  • Ssaroshon Tropics
  • Forgotten Kingdoms

The Beginning (1994)

Twelve years ago a group of five adventurers headed out from the city of Zandora. In the beginning the city was part of the Doracian Empire spanning the known world north of the Dragonspine mountains. It was an undeveloped, peaceful realm, with little to no conflict. Monsters had virtually no role in the world and adventures were dry of history and detail. That party expanded to eleven players, followed by two then three separate campaigns, and the world grew, yet it was still a hack and slash world. Since that day the history of the world evolved with each weekly game session.

Ever Changing World (2012)

Eight years of adventures through 3rd and 4th edition created a slew of gods and goddesses, with a few becoming a part of the core pantheon. The year is 2012, Wizards of the Coast release D&D Next to play testers and my players were skeptical yet intrigued. For the next four years Zandora Legends would see its greatest increase in world building. A massive event called the Rise of the Elementals was unleashed upon the world. This event was an incursion from the Elemental Planes led by Primordial Lords and their armies of archons and elementals. Player's forced into wars between gods and primordials to decide the fate of Kwondora. The event left permanent scars on the world, changing the face of Kwondora forever.

A New Era (2016)

The Rise of the Elementals became an era of history spanning over 200 years leading to the Age of Sins which is where our story begins. Today Central Doracia has never been more complete. Vile plots caused the destruction of the Doracian Empire giving rise to the Eastorian Empire. Zandora became the capital city of the worlds most advanced magocracy of Thalaria. The necromancer Astrol, our twelve year old villain, has become the Lich King of the undead kingdom of Frostmor.

Central Doracia

Campaign Style: Heroic Fantasy
Magic: Normal to High Magic in Thalaria
Starting Area for: Dwarf, gnome, human (Doracian), halfling, high elf
Description: Central Doracia is a geographical region with over 800 years of history. It encompasses a few of the worlds major players including the magocracy of Thalaria, the dwarves of Dun Khâzlodan, and the matriarchal empire of Romodor. Start your campaign in Central Doracia if you want to explore the mysteries of the dwarves and elves, be part of a powerful wizard guild with access to magic stores, battling and uncovering undead plots, a heroic doracian knight or become an agent for the Eastorian Empire seeking female dominance throughout the world.

Central Doracia consists of the following regions;

  • Dorack (Human and Halfling)
  • Dun Khâzlodan (Dwarf and Gnome)
  • Estabon (Human)
  • Frostmor (Dwarf, Human and Halfling)
  • Gorum Crater (Human, dwarf and gnome)
  • Klask (Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-elf and Gnome)
  • Rhocarian (High Elf)
  • Romodor (Human, Elf)
  • Thalaria (Human, Half-elf, Halfling and Elf)
  • The Badlands (Orc, Half-orc, goblinoid and Human)

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